An introduction to the life and history of louise erdrich

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Louise Erdrich

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Links to Culture, Art, History, Language & People for my Shinob friends. Chairperson: Sarah Wadsworth, Ph.D. Department of English website The Department of English at Marquette University is a community of scholar-teachers and students who embrace the traditional Jesuit conception of liberal education inspired by St.

Ignatius of Loyola. Dec 09,  · Louise Erdrich pulls the reader into her novel Tracks by using two strong narrators, Nanapush and Pauline Puyat, who are hostile to each other and represent opposed points-of-view, although neither is exactly % honest.

This needs to be considered in the context that more is known about Erdrich and her personal life and history than possibly any other Native American writer. There have been several books and dozens of articles published on her life and work.2/5(1).

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In All Grown Up, Jami Attenberg writes about adulthood and responsibility — what it means to be responsible not just in your life but for your life. Her narrator, Andrea, is a Manhattan-based designer nearing 40, perpetually single and child-free by choice.

While she contemplates the choices she's made to get where she is — those choices neither idealized nor condemned — Andrea watches.

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An introduction to the life and history of louise erdrich
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