Cause and effect essay of insomnia

What Insomnia Can Do to Your Mind and Body

The main principles of Christianity. Widely known are also some other psychological effects of continuous sleep deprivation, such as the loss of concentration, deceptions of perception, thinking integrity violation, hallucinations, and irreversible psychological and neurological damage.

Hospital admissions for benzodiazepine misuse have tripled since Periostitis is also common in another spirochetal disease, syphilis Textbook of Medicine, Ed: The history of the Christian church. Insomnia includes a wide range of sleeping disorders, from lack of sleep quality to lack of sleep quantity.

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In addition, drinking wine or other alcohols can induce sleep disorders because it disrupts the sequence of sleep states.

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Causes and Effects of Sleeplessness Essay

This should give a good idea as to which states are under-recognizing Lyme Disease. Why we should stop global warming. In a few female LD patients, disturbed estrogen and progesterone levels were found.

Controversial ideas about whooping cough vaccines. Depending on the characteristics of the headaches, sinusitis and brain tumors may have to be ruled out. The importance of the parent-child relationship. The Causes and Effects of Insomnia An estimated million US adults have sleep or wakefulness disorder.

CDC par. 1. Insomnia makes a person difficult/5(1). Many researches have been carried out to discover what are causes and effects of this symptom. My writing will soundly focus not only two major causes: life situation and inputs of human body; but also two effects: serious health problems and behavior impact of sleeplessness.

Diagnostic Checklists for Lyme. This page is an informational aid to answer the question, "Do I have the symptoms of Lyme Disease?" It contains two lyme diagnostic tools: a short checklist version and a longer essay version, and a candida checklist.

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that can disrupt a person's daily life. About percent of people in the U.S. experience insomnia, and it can be caused by physical or mental health issues.


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Pain, mental disorders, and breathing problems can cause insomnia, and irritability, impaired concentration and memory, fatigue, and difficulty in interpersonal relationships are some of the effects of insomnia and will be what I will be talking about. One cause for insomnia can include waking from sound or.

Cause and Effect essay 1. Cause and effect writing explains why an event happened or what the consequences of such an event. 2. A cause and effect essay can focus on causes, effect or both. .

Cause and effect essay of insomnia
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Causes and Effects of Sleeplessness Essay Example for Free