Friendship of krishna and sudama

In the meantime, Susheela kept begging her husband to visit his old friend Krishna, knowing that he would help in their time of need. Some of them are as follows: Everyone, including Rukmini is shocked hearing this. Krishna was from the royal family. In it poha beaten rice is smeared with sattu while it is fried.

This article was written by: Krishna was overjoyed when Sudama offered him hesitatingly some puffed rice. Sudama had come to Krishna, merely to express his love toward him.

She did not wish to continue doing so in his next birth as well. He also continued thinking of Krishna and loved him as always. His family would go hungry for days on end, sometimes drinking only water in an attempt to satiate their hunger.

Having nothing to eat in the house, she picked up some flattened rice or "poha" and packed it in a little piece of cloth. He is believed to be a close friend and devotee of Lord Krishna.

Akshaya Tritiya is also considered an auspicious day for conducting weddings, begin new business ventures and even undertake long-distance journeys.

While speaking in this way, Lord Krishna ate a morsel of the rice, but when He attempted to eat a second morsel, Rukmini, the goddess of fortunechecked the Lord by taking hold of His hand.

Sudama was born in a poor Brahmin family, to Matuka and Rochana Devi. Also, praying and conducting elaborate Poojas expecting material gains in return will never help us attain the Lord's grace. He spent the night at the palace and left for his home early next morning.

On seeing Sudama who looked like a hermit, the palace guards asked, "Why have you come here. Krishna, on the other hand, hailed from the royal family and hence, enjoyed the highest possible social status.

The sound of silence is soothing as I sit here for a while. Krishna takes those clothes and tells Sudama to remove the royal clothes and wear his old clothes instead.

Krishna Sudama

But his small, seemingly meaningless offering of the poha had paid rich rewards. The children often cried out due to hunger and drank a lot of water to try and satiate themselves. The palace attendants were shocked to see their King behaving in such a fashion with this humble, obviously very poor Brahmin.

In his case, therefore, the fact that he took the trouble to feed the Lord in spite of his own destitute condition was enough reason for him to earn a tremendous amount of good karma. Krishna hospitality and love made him feel happy.

His family would go hungry for days on end, sometimes drinking only water in an attempt to satiate their hunger. Krishna lovingly bade him farewell, though he did not offer him anything in material terms.

Everyone likes to take care of his body as the first consideration, but you are so good and faithful to your spiritual master that without caring for bodily comfort you have taken so much trouble for me.

His inner chambers were like the residence of the king of heaven. Knowing Sudama's pure and undiluted love and devotion for him, he had to respond with much greater love and affection. After Sudama leaves, Krishna locks himself inside his room and starts crying. Sudama felt sad as he remembered his hungry children at home.

Sudama then prayed to Krishna, promising that he would never forget his Lord in the midst of all this wealth and opulence. The knight kept threatening him with dire consequences if he continued with his defiance, but Sudama did not waver and stood firm with his beliefs. Sudama, being young himself, had not known the omnipotent and omniscient nature of Lord Sri Krishna and so, had not understood that this was all a mere lila or divine play on the part of Krishna.

He is the King of Dwarka, so why don't you go to him. But this difference in social status did not come in the way of their friendship.

Krishna Sudama

Everyone looked on in wonder upon seeing such a great King running bare-footed to meet his poor friend. However, Sudama chose to defy the vain man and firmly stated that he would chant only the Lord's name and no one else's.

The Story of Lord Krishna’s Friend Sudama

Sudama Offers Puffed Rice to Krishna Krishna's mood turned jovial and, with a mischievous glint in his eye, he asked his friend what the latter had brought him as a gift and if his wife had packed some nice eatables. Long term friendship between Krishna and Arjuna might have evolved into something great later on but it was not as great as true friendship between Krishna and Sudama.

I think, friendship without much expectations is best, actually its true for any relationship and it goes long way for sure. May 02,  · Lord, Krishna is running to welcome his childhood friend Sudama and thus setting an example of how Friendship should be.

There is no one superior or inferior and no one is a king and no one is a. The Story Of Krishna And Sudama. The Story of Krishna and Sudama.

Help To Guide You. Thus, it is said that friendship doesn’t believe in rich and poor, it only seeks love and respect. Krishna and Sudama. Read More. Tags: Mythology Stories. Related for you. Story of the Great Sage Markandeya. Sudama: Early Days Sudama, who was also known as Kuchela in South India, was a childhood friend of Lord Sri Krishna.

Legend has it that Sudama was Narada, who took birth on Earth in order to enjoy and participate in. Shri Krishna-Sudama is an immortal example of real, non-materialistic friendship.

It is a perpetual symbolic definition of real friendship. Sattu-peeth pohe is a very tasty, ready-to-serve, easy-to-carry food. The little friendship that Krishna and Sudama had, Sudama might have forgotten, but Krishna never forgot, though he was living in opulence.

Krishna is an excellent example how not to forget friendship though living in great wealth. A friend always desires the best for the other even at .

Friendship of krishna and sudama
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